Want to Purchase More Fabric Tokens? Here’s How!

How to purchase more Fabric Tokens

If you are looking to purchase more than 9 ETH worth of Fabric Tokens, which is the current maximum cap on contributions, then you are in the right place. But first, a quick warning.

Beware the Scammers

Since a scammer’s main strategy is to directly DM community members and offer them tokens with a bonus, we want to warn about potential rip-offs after we publish this article. Do not ever send ETH to any smart contract address other than the one on this page: https://fabrictoken.io/ico/

If in doubt, always go on our Telegram group and ask for confirmation. This pretty much eliminates the chance that you’ll get scammed.

How to Purchase More FT

Due to demand from our community, we have considered allowing larger purchases of FT than the current 9 ETH cap. Since the 9 ETH cap is hard-coded in our smart contract, please do not try to directly send more than that to our smart contract. The transaction will fail. However, there is a way around that threshold.

Quite simply, if you are interested in purchasing more FT than the current cap, you need to send an email to [email protected]. The maximum investment allowed per person from this point on is going to be 45 ETH.

Why We Reached This Decision

While several of our community members have expressed a desire to purchase more Fabric Tokens, there have also been some who have voiced the opinion that increasing the cap is not a good idea. We have considered the community’s feedback on the matter and here are our thoughts.

For those against, the most common argument is that, if we increase the cap, there might be dumps after the FT crowdsale has ended. However, while that may be true for most ICOs, we think that things will go differently in our case. We have not given out any bonuses during the crowdsale so dumps after the end of the ICO are unlikely.

Additionally, the bounty program tokens will not be released immediately after the crowdsale (more on that soon), so there are not going to be any dumps by bounty program participants either.

While we will certainly keep developing our project as promised, gathering some extra financial resources is bound to have a good effect in the long run. It will help us in the future, allowing us to invest more in marketing, hire new team members and so on.

So overall, we have considered the issue and we have concluded that increasing the maximum contribution cap is a win-win for the entire Fabric Token community. Again, anyone who is interested in purchasing more than the current limit of 9 ETH, please send an email to [email protected].


The Fabric Token crowdsale has just about three days left and this is by far the best time to purchase FT – you can find out for yourself why that’s true in tomorrow’s blog. Stay tuned!