Understanding Token Total Supply & Fundraiser Hard Cap [TokenGen Tutorial]

Understanding token total supply & fundraiser hard cap [TokenGen tutorial]

Where is the token total supply input? How is the token total supply determined? What if there is a hard cap added to the fundraiser? These questions and more will be answered in this quick TokenGen tutorial.

The Token Total Supply

First of all, if you are here, you’ve probably noticed that there is no input for the token total supply when you are creating your TokenGen project:

TokenGen Token Details

We just have token name and symbol and here’s why. By default TokenGen will create an uncapped fundraiser, meaning that there is no pre-defined total supply of tokens. The total supply will be set once the fundraiser ends and will be equal to the amount of tokens sold while the crowdsale was active. Simple as that.

Fundraiser Hard Cap

However, if you do want to set a token total supply, there is a way to do it. You just need to include the Capped Fundraiser feature in your project:

TokenGen Create Project Capped Fundraiser Feature

What this feature will do is add a hard cap input to the Fundraiser Details segment. So now, the token total supply is really easy to calculate. It will be set to the result of multiplying the conversion rate by the hard cap. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you want your token to have a conversion rate of 10 i.e. 1 ETH will purchase 10 tokens during the fundraiser. And let’s say that you want the hard cap to be 10,000 ETH (the maximum amount of funds you want to raise). That means that your token total supply will be 10 * 10,000 = 100,000 tokens. That’s pretty much all there is to the token total supply.


Of course, the total supply of tokens will also include the pre-sale tokens and all tokens included in the token safe, that is if these two features are used. In any case, even if those two features are used, they have their own supply of tokens that is specified by the user, so it does not take PhD math skills to calculate the overall token total supply.