The #1 tool for token crowdsale automation

TokenGen automates the entire process of an ICO, STO, or IEO , from creating the smart contracts to generating the fundraiser landing page.

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Tokenization made easy

TokenGen allows any person or business, regardless of their background, to create and sell their digital asset.

Create project

Create your project via a simple and straightforward step-by-step process.

Select features

Select and pay only for features that your digital asset needs.

Full package

All features of modern ICOs, STOs, and IEOs are supported out of the box.

Change project details

Change project details as many times as you want, until you are certain you have the right configuration.

Build history

Each new project build compiles and tests a new smart contract package and is saved in the project’s unlimited build history.


Deploy the smart contract to any Ethereum network with the click of a button.

TokenGen Landing Page example project

Automatic landing page

Generate the landing page for your digital asset fundraiser by selecting a deployment.

Adapt landing page

Modify your fundraiser’s landing page by creating a new project build and deployment and then selecting the new deployment.


Participate in any TokenGen fundraiser with the click of a button by following the countdown on the landing pages.

Control fundraiser details

Modify any smart contract parameter via the advanced TokenGen Smart Contract Management interface.

Smart contract management

Intuitive management of all parameters of the smart contracts via smooth button clicks.
TokenGen Smart Contract Management interface

Progressive features

Additional features that augment token generation events.

Bounty program

TokenGen works with Bounty0x, the most advanced and user-friendly bounty program user interface.


The KYC needs of modern token crowdsales are covered by an integration with Civic, the leading decentralized identity platform.

Projects directory

All public projects are listed in the Projects Directory, where interested parties can find decisive information.

Simple pricing plans

Example project configurations and their cost in Fabric Tokens.


FT10,000/ PRJ
  • ERC20 token
  • Basic crowdsale
  • Contract deployment
  • Fundraiser landing page
  • Smart contracts source code
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FT30,000/ PRJ
  • All Basic plan features +
  • Pause/unpause token transfers
  • Crowdsale hard cap
  • Crowdsale soft cap and refund option
  • Pre-sale and bonus periods
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FT50,000/ PRJ
  • All Essential plan features +
  • Whitelist and KYC
  • Token vesting
  • Token minting
  • Token burning
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Industrializing digital assets

Whether you're an accomplished blockchain expert, or just getting started, TokenGen unlocks the potential of token crowdsales.

Intuitive UI

TokenGen’s state-of-the-art UI allows you to easily oversee the creation, management, and automation of your ICO, STO, or IEO.

Straightforward process

Create your project by following a simple step-by-step process, while only paying for features you will use.

Limitless builds

Change your project details as many times as you need. TokenGen also keeps a history of all your builds.

Comprehensive tests

Each project build is thoroughly tested on the backend. In the end, a detailed test log is generated with numerous scenarios covered.

Transparent assimilation

TokenGen works with MetaMask, providing a transparent connection with the Ethereum blockchain.

Scalable fundraiser automation

TokenGen generates the entire fundraiser landing page for you, and allows you to monitor its progress and adjust its parameters.