TokenGen Planned Updates & a Pinch of DApp Workbench

TokenGen planned updates, dedicated community management, and a pinch of DApp Workbench

Ever since the release of TokenGen 2.0 close to three weeks ago, we have not stopped working towards improving the tool as we have already released a 2.1 and a 2.2 version of the software. However, we wanted to update the FT community on what exactly we have planned for TokenGen in the following updates as well as announce news about dedicated community management and update everyone on the state of the development of DApp Workbench.

TokenGen Planned Updates

One of the main features that we are looking to develop is a management interface, where users of TokenGen will be able to control their deployed smart contracts. The whole idea behind this tool is to allow anyone to easily create and sell their token in order to fund their project and while we have completely removed the programming knowledge requirement barrier, we also want to remove the difficulty that comes with interacting with a deployed smart contract.

Currently, this is done via MyEtherWallet and it is certainly not rocket science however, if a person is completely new to the blockchain scene and has no idea how the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts work, then interacting with a deployed smart contract might prove to be a bit confusing.

We have already helped one project with the management of their smart contract and we will be writing a guide on interacting with a contract generated by TokenGen, however, a management interface will be so much more elegant. Imagine a dashboard where you can easily pause/unpause transfers on your token, change conversion rates, change the beneficiary address, etc, all with the click of a few buttons.

Another feature we will be adding to TokenGen is a deploy contract button. Right now, deployment happens via the bytecode generated by TokenGen and while it is fairly simple, deploying with a button is going to be far simpler.

We are also considering adding an option to deploy the smart contract on a testnet first, so the user can test their smart contract easily in order to see that everything is working as intended.

On a quick side note, we have actually tested all smart contract features ourselves on a contract deployed on the Ropsten testnet, and so far, we have not found any issues. What seems to us is lacking a bit, is more documentation on the workflow of the smart contract generated by TokenGen and also, info on interacting with the smart contract until we release the management interface. We will work in the near future to provide the necessary missing information.

Finally, as we have previously mentioned, we are constantly looking to add more and more tests to cover different smart contract scenarios and we will continue to do so as we release newer and newer versions of TokenGen.

The margin for error is non-existent when it comes to smart contract development and we want to make sure that TokenGen always generates a flawless package.

TokenGen in Action

While TokenGen didn’t see much action the week after we released the 2.0 version, it has, over the past 10 days, began to gain traction. New projects are created almost daily as we have already helped a few finance projects with the creation, testing, and management of their token and crowdsale smart contracts.

Keep in mind that we have yet to roll out any real marketing of the tool. That is due to the incoherent state of the crypto market at the moment, but mostly, because we want to feel that the tool is absolutely ready for mainstream adoption i.e. we want there to be documentation on the interaction with the smart contract, an easier way of deployment, as well as a detailed video tutorial, which we are working on.

This will make the tool much more accessible to an even larger audience and, well, I have said many times that we are very careful how and when we spend our marketing budget as we are not “spending from a bottomless pit” here. In any case, there’s no rush. We want to do everything perfectly and that usually requires a lot of time.

Dedicated Community Management

As you guys know, one of the things we have, since the get-go, dedicated a lot of resources to, is a transparent and healthy relationship with our community. We have worked very hard to keep it that way however, as we are now fully focused on development, we are much less active on Telegram, which is where most of the conversation happens.

Thus, starting the beginning of July, we will be hiring a dedicated community manager, who is going to be much more active in our social media channels and will handle any concerns and feedback that you guys might have.

You may not realize this but, the FT community has really helped shape this project in a better way as we have taken into considerations different feedback that has proven effective. Thus, we don’t want to lose this back-and-forth win-win situation we have had going on over the past four months.

DApp Workbench Development

Alongside the TokenGen updates we have planned, we have also began working on the development of DApp Workbench. We have already done the proof of concept and have identified the technologies that we are going to use as we realize our vision for the tool.

There isn’t much more we can say about DApp Workbench at the moment, but you guys can be sure that we will update you as soon as we have some news regarding the tool.


This article pretty much sums up all that we are currently working on and all the we have currently planned for the near future. We think that, we have perfectly identified what we need to be focused on right now on our way towards making the FT platform more and more lucrative to an ever-growing audience, and are working around the clock in order to make this happen.

On one final note, we have some exciting news coming up, probably towards the end of this week as we are looking to finalize a partnership with an investment fund. Stay tuned!