TokenGen Live Demo

TokenGen live demo

TokenGen, the ultimate smart contract creator for the token economy and the first component of the Fabric Token ecosystem, is now live and can be accessed at (the current video is just a placeholder until we are ready with the real one). The tool is still in demo mode, but more about that below.

What’s New?

We have made significant improvements to TokenGen since our showcase article two months ago. Here’s a short summary of what we’ve improved in the live demo, as compared to what we showcased in the blog post:

  • Huge improvements to the UI – a simplified color palette, improved workflow, better user communication and much more.
  • Improved the content on the website – even users who are not that that familiar with DApps should have no issues using TokenGen.
  • Completed documentation page – users can now see what functionality each smart contract template on TokenGen offers.
  • Completed FAQ page – if you have any questions about TokenGen, make sure to first check there.
  • Short explainer video – the TokenGen intro is almost done and will replace the current placeholder (the Fabric Token ecosystem explainer video) as soon as it is ready.
  • Various small bugs fixed and tested
  • Numerous miscellaneous improvements – these don’t really fall into any of the above categories, but they have helped tremendously with the overall performance of TokenGen.

What is Demo Mode?

As we mentioned in the showcase article, TokenGen works in an all-or-nothing manner, which means that if it is not integrated with the main ETH network, there isn’t much you can do with it. However, we have modified the live demo so as to allow users to go through the entire process of creating smart contracts, but with a few modifications:

  • We are using a dummy ERC20 token (, deployed on the Ropsten testnet.
  • Make sure you have selected the Ropsten testnet via MetaMask.
  • We have set the price for generating smart contracts to zero so that everyone can test TokenGen.
  • Keep in mind that you will need some testnet ETH in order to execute the payment transaction. You can get some fake ETH for the Ropsten testnet from their official faucet here –
  • Downloads on the end smart contracts package will not be allowed for obvious reasons.


After the Fabric Token crowdsale comes to an end, we will implement TokenGen along with the FT smart contract on the main ETH network and, as soon as all FT transfers are unfrozen, the tool will begin to work as intended. Throughout April, we will continue to work on improving TokenGen by adding a set of more advanced smart contract templates and we believe that TokenGen 2.0 has a very good chance of becoming the go-to tool for token and crowdsale smart contract creation. We will most certainly do our best to make that happen.