TokenGen update: splitting the project and smart contract details

TokenGen update: separating project and smart contract details

After a few months of full focus on ChainBulletin and Fabric Store functionality development, we found the time to introduce a quick medium-sized update to TokenGen.

What’s new in TokenGen 5.2

In the new version, we have separated the project details from the smart contract parameters, making it easy for people to update only the project details without forcing a new build of the smart contract package.

For example, if you want to change the logo of your project so it can be updated on its fundraiser landing page, you can now do so from the project details tab:

TokenGen project details tab

However, if you wish to update the smart contract details of your project, for example, changing its start/end date, you can now do so via the smart contracts tab:

TokenGen smart contracts tab

Additionally, we have changed the action buttons at the top right of each view to be relevant to the current tab. For instance, there is now a “Create new deployment” button on the Deployments tab. This will make it easier for people to manage what they are currently working on, without being confused or distracted by irrelevant action buttons.

Another big change in the 5.2 update is the split of the Manage Contract interface into two tabs – one for the fundraiser contract and one for the token contract:

TokenGen Manage Contract interface

This separation will make it easier for people to manage their smart contract parameters as the previous tables we too big stacked one on top of the other and were making it a bit confusing for people to know which action refers to which parameter and in which contract.

We have also added a loading animation next to each value that is being updated, showing the user that TokenGen is waiting for a transaction to be confirmed and for the contract value to be changed.

For a full list of changes in the new 5.2 version and in previous versions, refer to the TokenGen Changelog page.