TokenGen 5.1 - free Basic projects

TokenGen 5.1 – free Basic projects

Basic TokenGen projects, that include no additional features, will no longer cost anything. Additionally, we have added a presentational layer to the tool that will hopefully better engage new visitors to the site.

Free Basic projects

While the interactive tutorials TokenGen previously had were capable of showing some of the tool’s capabilities, we have decided to forego that and allow people to fully test running an ICO, without the need to pay for anything.

Basic TokenGen projects, including only ERC20 token and a simple crowdsale contract, are now free of cost. Anyone can create and run their ICO in a matter of minutes.

Advanced features such as pre-sale and hard cap will still cost users specific amounts of Fabric Token. The main idea of this pricing model re-structure is to increase adoption of TokenGen. Since modern ICOs need a lot of the paid features the tool offers, we expect Basic projects, being now free, to be more of a testing ground for interested parties.

Presentational layer

Previously, the homepage and pricing page of TokenGen were extremely simplistic and while that may have helped people in a hurry to quickly grasp what the tool does, it certainly didn’t look professional enough and was definitely not in touch with modern landing and sales pages.

So, we have completely re-worked the TokenGen homepage and pricing page. They are much more detailed now and fully display the effectiveness of the tool.

Action suggestions

We have also integrated a suggestions component that shows users what they might want to do next with their project. For example, if a project is fully built and all project details are provided and are valid, TokenGen will suggest that the user deploys the smart contracts to the Ethereum network.

After that it will suggest actions to generate the landing page for the project. We understand that blockchain technology is difficult to understand and that not all people are aware of the current ICO model, which is why we created this feature. Hopefully, it will guide people as they prepare for their TGE.


Alongside the aforementioned improvements we have also worked on a lot of re-structuring of the individual project’s page. The main goal of this update is ease of use. We don’t want the user to think at all. Everything should come naturally.