TokenGen 4.5 - further improvements to the UI

TokenGen 4.5 – further improvements to the UI

The new Fabric Token ecosystem brand identity resulted in big changes to the TokenGen UI, which were released in the 4.4 version of the tool. Now, just 3 days later, we have made further improvements to the user interface, which have become substantial enough to be released in a new 4.5 version.

What’s new

Obviously, the UI. Now, since a lot has changed, heading over the TokenGen and seeing the difference for yourself is best, but here’s a quick preview:

TokenGen new UI

We have embraced an even cleaner approach to the UI of the FT ecosystem, focusing on contrast colors only for elements that we want to catch the attention of the user.

In addition to the user interface improvements, we have also included the following changes in the 4.5 update:

  • The token name and symbol are again mandatory when creating a new project.
  • The landing page fundraiser roadmap is now more consistent in showing the different stages.
  • Both the create and manage project tutorials have been improved to better position the explainer window.
  • The layout of the app has been improved on tablet devices.


At one stage, we had began flooding TokenGen with way too many unnecessary UI elements and the tool was beginning to become too clumped, ultimately defeating its own purpose.

Since we identified that, we began a strategic campaign to remove unneeded TokenGen components, e.g., deleting rarely used menu items, shortening the content, removing redundant page elements, etc. The result so far has been a much cleaner and straight-to-the-point UI, that we are certain will improve the user experience of TokenGen.