TokenGen 4.4 - New Brand Identity

TokenGen 4.4 – New brand identity

As you know, the Fabric Token platform consists of three main components – TokenGen, DApp Workbench, and Fabric Store. Until now, we have been consistently developing all of them, but only TokenGen has been operational. However, this is the year when we will reveal the other two software.

Thus, we had to come up with a standardized brand identity for the FT ecosystem. Once we had that settled, we updated all the software accordingly, including TokenGen. The new 4.4 version embodies this new FT ecosystem brand identity and also comes with several other improvements.

What’s new

The main difference between TokenGen 4.3 and 4.4 is the UI. The 4.4 UI is adapted to the new Fabric Token platform color palette and has also been adapted to comply with a few general guidelines, such as sentence case headings and a simpler straight-to-the-point writing style.

Color palette

Since the entire UI is changed, we recommend people head over to TokenGen and see it for themselves, but in any case, here’s a quick preview:

TokenGen 4.4 new UI

Project details tabs

As you can see from the above screenshot, the project details form is now split into sub-tabs. That way, users can much more easily fill out all details, without getting confused over the different functionality segments.

Landing page build

Selecting a build for the landing page is no longer required. Users now need to select only a deployment. The build from the deployment will be automatically taken into use when TokenGen generates the landing page for the project.

Required project details

Token name and symbol are no longer required details when creating a new project. The only required ones remain to be project name, description, URL, and identifier.

Re-adjusted feature prices

The individual feature prices have been slightly re-adjusted to better represent each feature’s utility and to also better the price gaps between the different TokenGen pricing plans.


Looking towards the future, we are still in talks with Civic on the best possible way of integrating their platform into TokenGen. KYC and the data that comes with it is a very sensitive topic and we want to release a flawless KYC solution for our clients.

It is a bit difficult to say exactly when we will finalize the integration, but it will probably take another month or so, taking into account GDPR and AML policy compliance.