TokenGen 4.3 - Bounty0x Integration & Multiple Content and UI Improvements

TokenGen 4.3 – Bounty0x integration & multiple content and UI improvements

The new TokenGen 4.3 comes with the addition of a bounty program solution as well as multiple improvements to the content around the app and the user interface of several components. The former comes as a result of our recent partnership with the Bounty0x project, an advanced ecosystem built around bounty programs.

What’s New

As already mentioned, the most notable difference in the new TokenGen 4.3 is the integration of the Bounty0x services, which comes in the form of a simple button on each project’s Overview tab:

TokenGen Bounty0x integration.

Clicking on the button opens a window where the user is noted that we recommend using the Bounty0x platform for their bounty program. The window also provides links to 10% discounts on all paid plans. From there on, it is Bounty0x’s turn to handle the needs of the user. More about the Bounty0x project can be found in our previous article, where we announced the partnership.

The rest of the notable improvements that come with the TokenGen 4.3 update include:

  • Homepage content improvement.
  • Layout improvement on all window dialogs around the app.
  • Addition of ANN thread and bounty program link to each project’s details.
  • Content improvement of the entire Pricing page.
  • Content improvement of the Create Project component.
  • Improved MetaMask workflow when the user is logged out of their vault.


With the next update to the leading ICO smart contract creator, we are looking to integrate the Civic platform in order to meet the KYC requirements of our users. In addition to that, we have set our sights on a few more partnerships, all of which will undoubtedly improve the ecosystem surrounding TokenGen.