TokenGen 4.2 - New Pricing Page & Improved Project Management Interface

TokenGen 4.2 – new pricing page & improved Project Management interface

Yesterday, we released a small update to TokenGen that included a complete re-working of the Pricing page and several improvements to the Project Management interface. Here’s everything in a bit more detail.

The New Pricing Page

The previous TokenGen Pricing page wasn’t the standard layout i.e. a number of table columns side-by-side, portraying the different plans the tool has to offer.

It was a bit complicated and difficult to quickly scan. With TokenGen 4.2, that is no more.

The New TokenGen Pricing Page

As you can see, the new Pricing page is much easier to read and much simpler, just as it should be. Visitors can quickly spot the price tag on each plan and the features that come with it.

Additionally, we have added the functionality to jump-start the project creation process based on the plan selected by the user i.e. each pricing plan button selects the features that come with it and redirects the user to the Create Project page.

The Improved Project Management Interface

We have removed the Test Log tab from the Project Management interface and have improved the labels of the remaining tabs. Here’s what the interface looks like now:

The test log for each build is available, as always, on the Builds tab, which has also been re-worked:

TokenGen New Builds Tab

It is now much easier to spot which builds’ compilation and testing has failed/succeeded.


The above changes alongside small improvements to all date inputs around the app, is pretty much what the 4.2 update consists of.