TokenGen 3.5 - Guides Page, a Mintable Token Feature, and Several Other Improvements

TokenGen 3.5 – Guides and a Mintable Token feature

The new TokenGen 3.5 update has further improved the user experience provided by the tool. The new Guides page now lists all available TokenGen tutorials, and we’ve written quite a few of them over the past week or so. They are very short and focus on explaining specific features provided by TokenGen. Additionally, we have also added a Mintable Token feature, as per user requests, which now allows the minting of new tokens to specific addresses.

The New Guides Page

As mentioned, the new Guides page catalogs all TokenGen tutorials and it does so in a blog post list manner:

TokenGen Guides Page

As we write more and more tutorials, more and more of the TokenGen features will be covered by these short guides. As the user base of the tool grows, these tutorials will be extremely helpful in order to introduce people to both old and new TokenGen functionality.

The New Mintable Token Feature

Several of our TokenGen users have been asking about this feature for a few weeks now and so, we decided to finally add it. The new feature appears on the Create Project page, in the Token Features step:

TokenGen Create Project Mintable Token Feature

You can learn more about what the Mintable Token feature provides programmatically on the official TokenGen Documentation page. But, in a nutshell, what it does is allow users to create (mint) tokens to specific addresses, whenever they want to.

The minting process can be ended once it is no longer considered needed, but keep in mind that once it is ended, it cannot be restarted again. Another thing to note is that, the minting process should not be ended while a token crowdsale is ongoing as it would basically put an end to the crowdsale since no more tokens can be minted and thus sold to new investors.

Other Improvements

Other improvements that came with the 3.5 update include general label improvements around the app, an updated Smart Contract Management Interface (to include the new functions provided by the Mintable Token feature), and an updated Comparison and Documentation pages.

We also added support for decimal numbers (wherever it was programmatically possible) and we also made the Tiered Fundraiser feature to be compatible with the Pre-Sale feature. Finally, we added some improvements to the Project Details validation process – mostly to handle decimal numbers.

Final Note

As a final note, we want to remind all TokenGen users that projects created prior to October 14th (the 3.4 update), are set to private by default. If you want to get your project listed in the upcoming TokenGen Public Projects Directory, make sure to set your project(s) to public and then rebuild them.

We already have a few public projects that have been created since the 3.4 update, but we need some more before we add the Public Projects Directory to TokenGen. This will be kind of like a TGE listings page, but we have some very exciting plans for this new directory feature, so stay tuned.