TokenGen 3.4 – Introducing a Tiered Crowdsale Feature & a Public Projects Directory

TokenGen 3.4 – Tiered Fundraiser and the Public Projects directory

We did not write an article about the TokenGen 3.3 update as most of it included small styling updates. However, the 3.4 version of the tool will introduce a bigger update and in this article, we will cover exactly what improvements it will bring to the table.

Important: If you are a TokenGen user and you have created a project using the tool, make sure to read the “Call to Action” section.

Tiered Fundraiser Feature

One of the most popular features of almost all ICOs is the bonus stages offered during the crowdsale. This was a feature that we have been considering for a while now and one which has repeatedly been requested by current users of TokenGen. And finally, it is here.

As of TokenGen 3.4, the tool will now offer a Tiered Crowdsale feature that will allow projects to have periods of time during the crowdsale when user-specified percentage of bonus tokens will be handed out to investors:

TokenGen Tiered Crowdsale Details

As you can see, the inputs for the feature are pretty straightforward. Users just need to specify the bonus percentage and the start and end dates. That’s it. Then, during those periods, the specified bonus will be applied when investors purchase tokens.

General Project Details

Alongside the Tiered Crowdsale feature, we have also added a General Project Details section. TokenGen users can now add the following info about each of their projects:

  • Project name.
  • Project description.
  • Project URL.
  • Project Logo (PNG, JPG, or JGEG, with 250×250 maximum dimensions). Preferably the logo should be with a transparent background.
  • Project visibility (public or private).

And the section itself within TokenGen:

TokenGen General Project Details Segment

All of these details will be used to create a TokenGen Public Projects Directory where all public projects will be listed. Enough projects have already been created using the ultimate smart contract creator so it is about time we created a page where we list all of them (that are public).

Call to Action

Since we are just introducing the General Project Details section, all projects created before TokenGen 3.4 will be set to private. So, everyone who would like to list their project(s) in the upcoming TokenGen Public Projects Directory, should make sure to re-build their project(s) after making them public.

Once enough projects are made public, we will quickly update TokenGen and add the Public Projects Directory page. It will basically be a table listing the latest public projects created using TokenGen. The table will include the following info:

  • When the project was created.
  • Project logo.
  • Project name.
  • Project description.
  • Project URL.

We have a lot of ideas about expansion of this brand new directory feature, but more on that in another article. For now, we will be listing projects only.


TokenGen 3.4 is basically a preparation for the bigger update coming towards the end of this year. These general project details will be used to create more advanced features such as an ICO landing page, but more details on that soon, when we release the article about what will be included in the TokenGen 4.0 update.

Anyhow, TokenGen 3.4 will be released in the following few days as we are performing the final tests on all of the new features introduced with the update. Once that is done, we will publish the changes to production. As always, everything that is new will be mentioned on the official TokenGen Changelog page. As we already pointed out, the Tiered Crowdsale feature and the addition of the General Project Details are not the only improvements that come with this update.