TokenGen 3.2 - Smart Contract Deployment & Management for Everyone

TokenGen 3.2 – smart contract deployment & management for everyone

A couple of weeks have passed and we have yet again released an update to TokenGen. The new 3.2 version features a few improvements to the UI, a Pricing page, a Comparison page, and changes to the additional features previously included in the Create Project process.

What’s New in TokenGen 3.2

The biggest change in TokenGen 3.2 is the fact that we have now transformed the Smart Contract Deployment & Management feature to be accessible to all projects (old and new). Thus, it is no longer a purchasable feature, but is now simply part of the UI of our favorite smart contract creator.

Anyone can take a look at the contract management interface via the interactive demo we released with the TokenGen 3.1 update or they can simply deploy their smart contracts and see just how easy it is to interact with them. Additionally, we have deprecated the consultation feature for now. Both of these changes have resulted in an update to the interactive demos for the Create Project process and the Manage Project page.

The TokenGen 3.2 update also features a Pricing page (example projects and their prices in both FT and USD) and a Comparison page, comparing TokenGen with similar products on the market. It is important to note here that the USD price on the Pricing page is a close estimation as the data is taken from CoinMarketCap.

TokenGen 4.0

Moving forward, we are currently finalizing the features we will be including with the bigger TokenGen 4.0 update that will come before the end of this year. Once we have finalized the plan, we will publish an article announcing what the update will include.