TokenGen 3.1 – Interactive Tutorial & Several Other Improvements

TokenGen 3.1 – interactive tutorial & several other improvements

TokenGen 3.1 has just been released and it brings yet another level of improvement to the top dog in token crowdsale automation.

What’s New in TokenGen 3.1

The official TokenGen Changelog page summarizes all that is new in TokenGen 3.1, but the crown jewel is definitely the interactive tutorial. TokenGen now features demos for both the Create Project process and the Manage Project page that allow users to see the full capabilities of TokenGen (in a quick overview) without the need to install MetaMask and login.

Until now, visitors to the app were not allowed to take a look at internal processes without having MetaMask installed and then logging into to TokenGen however, now anyone can be amazed at what this tool can do, even if only by an overview of its functionality.

The tutorials feature a step-by-step explanation of the most important parts of the Create Project process and the Manage Project page by highlighting relevant components and then briefly explaining to the user what the purpose of these components is.

So, people can now take a look at some of the functionality provided by TokenGen features without the need to purchase them. We believe this will be really helpful to many people, especially the ones not that familiar with blockchain technology and we know that this will certainly increase the chances that visitors decide to use TokenGen for their token crowdsale automation.

Alongside the tutorials, we have also made various improvements to the tool such as:

  • Preparing the solidity builder for scalability i.e. allowing TokenGen to build 2 or more projects simultaneously.
  • Fixing a few small bugs around the UI that caused minor inconvenience in very specific scenarios.
  • Improving the MetaMask account change listener to be more consistent and stable.

What About the Video Tutorial?

For those following our project closely, you know that we have been working on a TokenGen video tutorial for a while now. After a lot of thought, we have decided to suspend the progress on the video tutorial indefinitely since the tool is changing so rapidly that a video tutorial will most likely become irrelevant in a few months time.

We have a lot of ideas for new features in the coming months, so making a video tutorial now will certainly render it obsolete once we introduce new features and then all that work will be pretty much for nothing. This is precisely why we decided to opt for an interactive tutorial instead because that is something we can easily tweak at any point to reflect changes in TokenGen.


In a nutshell, the TokenGen 3.1 update is mainly aimed at improving the tool’s capability of capturing new visitors’ attentions. Moving on to what’s next for TokenGen, as already mentioned, we have a several cool feature ideas in mind such as providing a landing page for the token generation events, a profile page, a TGE summary component, tiered crowdsale, and a few other features, but we will announce what we will be implementing when we do some proof of concept and decide which ones will be best to be added to the tool before the end of the year.

Keep in mind that all of these features will bring another spectacular level of improvement to the tool so expect TokenGen 4.0 to rival the functional and technological jump we made with the release of TokenGen 3.0. As always, stay tuned!