TokenGen 3.0 & More

TokenGen 3.0, upcoming partnerships, and a note on new exchanges

As you probably remember, we recently mentioned the upcoming 2.3 update to TokenGen, which would include several improvements to the tool. And while we are almost fully finished with the features we had planned for that update (what’s left is the programmatic implementation of the partnership with InoCoin), we have been considering including the 2.3 update features into a larger 3.0 update. Here’s what we have in mind in regards to that as well as a few other news regarding the Fabric Token project.

TokenGen 3.0

The features we had planned for TokenGen 2.3 included:

  • One-click smart contract deployment button – instead of using MEW, users of TokenGen will now be able to deploy their smart contracts directly through the interface of the tool.
  • Consultation and initial guidance feature – will give the opportunity to upcoming projects to leverage our experience in the industry as we help guide early blockchain-based startups to success.
  • InoCoin initial funding – the programmatic implementation of our partnership with InoCoin (more details on that soon).

Those were the main three features we had planned for the 2.3 version of TokenGen. Of course, behind the scenes, the update would also come with numerous other improvements to the tool, but that’s pretty much a given, considering our development ethic.

Now, that being said, while we have been working on these features alongside the development of DApp Workbench, we have also been thinking about how we can spectacularly improve TokenGen in all kinds of areas. One of the bigger things that we have been working on over the past couple of weeks is the complete refactoring of the frontend as we fully implement Material-UI into TokenGen.

While we feel that the current design of the tool is not half bad, we have decided that the components provided by Material-UI will phenomenally improve the user experience that TokenGen provides. This radical shift in the frontend is not the easiest of tasks as we have to go through every single page and completely refactor the code to use the components provided by Material-UI, but the research and testing we did strongly suggest that this will be well worth it.

Additionally with the TokenGen 3.0 update, we are also considering adding an option to allow the smart contract deployment button to also be able to deploy to a testnet as opposed to the mainnet only. This will make it much easier for new users to see for themselves that everything is in order before they go ahead and schedule the real fundraiser.

The TokenGen 3.0 update doesn’t yet have a set date, but we are working around the clock to get it done as soon as possible and we are really excited at the level of improvement it will bring to the table. We are still not fully certain whether we will include the 2.3 features into the 3.0 update or if we will split the two versions into two separate updates.

Whatever the case is, it will depend on how quickly we move with the planned 3.0 features. If it is fast enough, then we will straight up deploy the 3.0 version. If not, we will do it incrementally. More news on this matter will be announced on our Twitter profile and in our Telegram group in the following couple of days.

Upcoming Partnerships

It has been just about 2 weeks since we announced our partnership with InoCoin and we are already on track to close another one. As always, once we have definitive news, we will announce to the community, but what we can say is that we are negotiating terms with a marketing agency.

We want to bring the full package to each and every TokenGen user and marketing is a huge part of every blockchain-based project. New projects on the scene, especially ones that don’t have a lot of marketing background on their team, could have a really hard time placing their startup amid the wilderness that is the current state of the blockchain industry. Thus, this potential partnership could be really valuable as more and more people start using TokenGen for their token generation events.

Finally, alongside the aforementioned partnership negotiation, we are also working on another collaboration, but we still have very few minutiae on the matter, so not much can be said here. However, it seems that something very interesting might come out of it and I thought it was worth mentioning, even if there are no specific details at all.

New Exchanges

I have noticed recently that, the conversation about a new exchange listing has gained up speed yet again. While this was very much expected on our side, we want to once again tell everyone that we cannot share any news until there is news to share i.e. until the exchange itself gives us the green light.

We would certainly like to let the entire FT community know that we are doing everything we can in all domains of the business but, when it comes to exchange listings, the process is painfully slow and hardly within our control.

And while a good exchange listing will certainly help Fabric Token gain popularity in the crypto trading world, we know that, in the end, what will be of the biggest benefit in the long run is the value that will be created by the Fabric Token platform.


In a nutshell, that’s pretty much what the Fabric Token team has been up to recently as well as what we have planned for the near future. Again, we are extremely excited about the upcoming TokenGen updates and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on. DApp Workbench is also coming up to speed, TokenGen is steadily gaining up popularity even though we haven’t marketed the tool almost at all, new partnerships are showing up on the horizon, so everything points to the fact that we have some really exciting times ahead of us until the end of this year.