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The FT Launch Has Ended

2617.45 ETH raised.100%
43,593,614 FT total cap.100%


Fabric Token Launch Start

February 15th, 2018 at exactly 10:00 UTC.

Fabric Token Total Supply Cap

100 million.

Fundraiser Cap

80 million FT equaling roughly 9 million USD.

Accepted Form of Payment

Only Ethereum (ETH).

Fabric Token Price

0.000125 ETH per 1 FT.

Fabric Token Exchange Rate

8,000 FT per 1 ETH.

Crowdsale Bonuses & Secondary Sales

There were none of the above.

Fabric Token Smart Contract Address

Find it here.

Fabric Token Launch End

Ended on April 1st, 2018 at 10:00 UTC.


Distribution after the token sale ended can be found in this article. The below stats reflect the pre-fundraiser distribution of the total supply of FT.

71.25 mil. (71.25%)
Core Team
12 million (12%)
8.75 million (8.75%)
7 million (7%)
1 million FT (1%)