Our Vision for TokenGen 4.0

Our vision for TokenGen 4.0

The end of the year is approaching and so is the release of TokenGen 4.0. With a little over a month left until 2019, we thought we’d share with you what the upcoming TokenGen update will feature.

TokenGen 4.0 Features

With this update, we are not looking into bringing many new features but rather, a few big ones. The planned features are:

  • Landing Page – this is the crown jewel of the 4.0 update as it will bring another incredible edge to a tool that is already way ahead of the competition. The Landing Page feature will basically allow TokenGen projects to create landing pages where they can direct their investors. Once the token generation event begins, people will be able to participate directly from the landing page, as opposed to sending ETH to an address. Basically, we intend to provide a user interface that will ease the participation in TGEs created via TokenGen.
  • Profile page – we intend to add a dedicated Profile page where users will be able to add/edit certain details, receive notifications from TokenGen regarding projects, and a few other features.
  • Public Projects Directory – as mentioned a few times already, we will be adding a Public Projects Directory that will list all public projects created using TokenGen. Basically, it will be a TGE listings page.
  • More guides – for now, 3 new guides will be added to the Guides page.
  • Improved Smart Contract Management interface – we intend to make the entire feature much more user-friendly by eliminating unnecessary info and displaying more understandable labels for all of the contract variables.

Other Features We Are Looking Into

These are not a sure thing coming with the 4.0 version, but we are looking into them for their viability. Most probably some, or all, of these will come with future updates.

  • KYC – we want to integrate TokenGen with a third-party KYC provider so users can easily perform this integral part of modern ICOs.
  • TGE Rating – we want the Public Projects Directory to also include ratings of the projects as provided by ICObench, for example.
  • Alternative means of payment – since we’ve received several reports from TokenGen users about the fact that, payment can be made only in Fabric Tokens, and not ETH or fiat, we are looking into ways of implementing alternate means of payment while still keeping FT as the core of the payment process.


Until TokenGen 4.0, we don’t have any other planned updates for the tool. We recently reported on TokenGen’s performance since June this year and received a lot of positive feedback. In all honesty, we are also extremely happy with the development progress of TokenGen – keep in mind that it’s been just 6 months since we released the first fully functional version for public use and bears are lurking everywhere around the crypto market. Imagine how much better it will be once the bulls take over again and blockchain tech adoption skyrockets once more.