The Fabric Token ICO.

This is the official FT ICO contribution page. Please read the below notes before you send ETH to the Fabric Token smart contract address. For a detailed guide on participation, refer to this blog post.

  • This is the one and only page where the Fabric Token smart contract address will be officially posted. Do not send ETH to any other address.
  • Make sure you are whitelisted and verified. If you are not, you will not be allowed to purchase FT. Get whitelisted here.
  • Do not send ETH from an exchange-generated address. You will most probably not receive Fabric Tokens in return. Send funds only from ERC-20 compliant wallets such as MyEtherWallet, where you own the private key.
  • Do not send less than 0.1 ETH or more than 9 ETH. Such transactions will be canceled.
  • Do not use more than 50 gwei for gas price otherwise the transaction will be canceled.
  • The recommended gas limit on transactions is 210,000.
  • You can send multiple times as long as the total sum doesn't exceed 9 ETH.
  • You will immediately receive FT after sending ETH to the smart contract address.
  • Make sure the URL of this page starts with "".
  • You can verify the smart contract on Etherscan:
  • 1 ETH will purchase you 8,000 FT.
Now that you are aware of all parameters of the Fabric Token ICO, all that's left to do is send ETH to the FT smart contract address, once the ICO begins.

The Fabric Token Smart Contract Address


Note: The recommended gas limit on transactions is 210,000.