How to Participate in a TokenGen Project ICO

How to participate in a TokenGen project’s ICO

Participating in a TokenGen project’s ICO was so far conducted the usual way – you receive the address of the fundraiser contract and then you use some sort of Ethereum wallet to send ETH to said contract and receive back the tokens. We are happy to announce that this very scam-prone method is no longer needed with TokenGen ICOs. Now, with the 4.0 update, people can use the token generation event (TGE) landing page, which allows participating in a fundraiser via a very user-friendly interface.

An example landing page can be found here: Feel free to play around with it and then get back to this quick tutorial. The example landing page contract is deployed on the Ropsten testnet, so you can get some Ropsten ETH (from here) and try out the entire participation process from end to end – it involves clicking a button, filling out an input, and agreeing to a few terms. That being said, let’s get to the quick guide.

TokenGen Project ICO Participation Guide

First of all, in order to use the TokenGen landing page, you need to have MetaMask installed. If you don’t have it installed, the landing page will still be available and you will be able to see all of the info however, you won’t be able to participate in the fundraiser. Now, once you have MetaMask installed, it is a child’s play to participate in a specific project’s token generation event.

But before you commit to that, make sure that you have thoroughly researched every part of the project and are absolutely certain that it is legitimate. It is important to note that, we cannot guarantee the integrity or legitimacy of any TokenGen project – we only provide a user interface that eases the entire process of token crowdsales. It is up to you to determine which projects deserves your attention and which does not.

That being said, here’s how to use the landing page. First off, make sure to familiarize yourself with all of the fundraiser details – conversion rate, start time, end time, bonus periods, etc. All of these are available on the landing page:

TokenGen Example ICO Landing Page

Hovering over each of the fundraiser details will show its current value. Another very useful feature of the TokenGen ICO landing page is the fundraiser roadmap right above the Purchase button. Use it to determine when it might be best to participate considering everything you know about the project.

Additionally, at the top of the landing page, if all details are provided by the project’s creator, you will see links to the following pages and social media channels:

  • Link to homepage.
  • Link to white paper.
  • Link to team page.
  • Link to product demo.
  • Link to roadmap page.
  • Link to FAQ page.
  • Link to Facebook page.
  • Link to Twitter page.
  • Link to Telegram group.
  • Link to Medium blog.
  • Link to reddit subreddit.

Naturally, the more of these a project has provided the better. Now, once you are fully certain that you would like to participate in a particular TokenGen project’s fundraiser, all you need to do is click on the Purchase button at the bottom of the landing page. Once you do that, a dialog window will pop up:

TokenGen Example ICO Landing Page Purchase Tokens Dialog Window

As you can see, it is a pretty simple form that you need to fill-in. But first of all, a few things. Make sure to quickly take a look at the current stats of the fundraiser i.e. its current conversion rate (tokens per 1 ETH), its minimum and maximum contribution caps, and the gas price limit on transactions.

TokenGen sets the gas price limit based on the suggested one by ETH Gas Station but, you need to make sure that this number is less than or equal to the gas price limit set by the fundraiser. It usually is. For more info on the gas matter, refer to this article.

Once you have that covered, you can fill-in the number of ETH you are willing to contribute. Based on that number and the current conversion rate of the fundraiser, you will see just how many tokens you will be purchasing in the label of the Purchase button itself.

Next come a few terms that you need to agree with. The first one is the token sale terms of the project itself, the second is the ToS of TokenGen, and the last is a confirmation of what we talked about earlier i.e. that we cannot guarantee the integrity and legitimacy of any of these projects and that, the legal entity behind TokenGen cannot be held responsible whatever the outcome of the fundraiser.

Lastly, make sure to read the warning at the bottom of the dialog. In short, bonus stages might not apply their bonus the second they begin because the Ethereum network needs at least one new block to be found in order to update its state. So, it is a good idea to wait up to a minute before purchasing tokens in a bonus stage. Your best bet is to wait for the Current Conversion Rate to become the one you expect it to be, and then contribute to the fundraiser.

Once you are through all that, and you have agreed to all of the terms, the Purchase button will become enabled. Clicking it will generate a MetaMask transaction after which all you need to do is submit it. Once the transaction is submitted, a message will be displayed, telling you how many tokens you purchased. The message also includes a link to the transaction where you can follow its progress until it is confirmed:

TokenGen ICO Landing Page Purchase Tokens Confirmation Message

Once the transaction is confirmed, you can verify that you own the tokens by adding the token contract address to your MetaMask vault. And that’s all there is to participating in a TokenGen project’s ICO.

Now, there are two specific cases that we need to detail more specifically. The first one is when a specific project has a whitelist, meaning your MetaMask address will first need to be whitelisted before you are allowed the participate in the fundraiser. In that case, there will be a Get Whitelisted button next to the Purchase button that will link to the project’s whitelist page. There, you can get your MetaMask address whitelisted and then come back to the project’s fundraiser’s landing page and participate.

The second case is when a specific project has a soft cap. If the fundraiser fails to reach that soft cap within its active time frame, the Purchase button will be replaced by the Get Refund button. Now, in order for participants to get a refund, the owner of the project needs to finalize the fundraiser. Once that is done, you just need to click on the Get Refund button and then submit the generated MetaMask transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will get your ETH back.


With the new landing page feature, TokenGen has now become the first and only tool on the market that offers a user interface covering a token crowdsale process from start to finish – for both the project’s creator and participants in the fundraiser.