Fabric Token Unleashed [May 20th]

Fabric Token unleashed [May 20th]

After careful considerations and a vote from the community, we have decided to allow transfers on FT starting May, 20th. The time of the unfreeze will be exactly 10:00 A.M. UTC. After that, FT will be tradeable on IDEX.

Unfreezing FT

Ever since the end of the FT crowdsale, the debate on unlocking transfers on the token has been growing and growing. People got frustrated having their Fabric Tokens locked for more than a month after the ICO has ended, and it’s completely understandable. In a market as volatile as crypto markets are, people always want to have full control of their funds in order to react to changes in valuations to difference coins and tokens.

So, taking that into consideration along with several other factors outlined in a previous article, we have decided that it is high time we allowed transfers on Fabric Tokens. Now, it will be up to the FT community to valuate this digital asset.

Centralized Exchange Listing

As we recently announced in our Telegram group, a centralized exchange listing is almost fully certain for the end of this month. We cannot yet announce the name of the exchange as we are simply not allowed to do so until the exchange itself announces.

So, once that happens, FT will be tradeable on both IDEX and this centralized exchange in question. We are looking forward to announcing to the community once we have a green light from said exchange.


Once we unlock transfers on FT, it will be the community who will decide the token’s initial market valuation. We want to caution everyone to do so responsibly and in relation to Fabric Token’s ICO price and recent announcements.

In the end, the value of FT will be completely out of our control as the community sets the initial pace. So, as always, we will focus on what is directly under our scope of influence i.e. the development and improvement of the Fabric Token ecosystem.