FT Bounty Program Stakes Finalization

FT bounty program stakes finalization

The stakes for the Fabric Token bounty program are now set for all of the campaigns. It took some doing (with the airdrop campaign in particular) due to the number of submissions, type of work, etc, but here we are.

Stakes Finalization

We encourage everyone who participated in the FT bounty program to go to the spreadsheet(s) for the campaigns they participated in and verify their stakes. You can find the FT bounty program spreadsheets here.

What everyone needs to look at is the “Final Stake” column and then the “Tokens” column, which shows how many FT everyone is entitled to. For those interested, the “TPS” and “Total Tokens” columns respectively represent the tokens per stake and the total amount of FT allocated to the specific bounty campaign.

It’s important to note that if your “Stake” column shows that you have stakes, but the “Final Stake” column shows the number zero, then your Ethereum address is invalid and you need to write a post on our bounty thread, giving us the information for a new and valid ETH address.

Stake Updates

As you all know, transfers on FT will not be allowed until the token is listed on a good centralized exchange. So, as we announced previously, we will distribute the bounty tokens after that. This means that all participants have, until then, time to review their stakes and let us know if we have made any mistakes.

After we get to the distribution process, there will be no changes to stakes or tokens received. So make sure to double-check if everything is as it should be, especially the Ethereum address you have provided. If that is not correct, you will not receive any FT, even if you participated in the Fabric Token bounty program.


In short, the stakes for all of the FT bounty program campaigns have now been finalized. All participants should check and re-check their info, just to make sure that everything is correct. If there are any problems, simply leave a comment on our official bounty program thread and we will get on it as soon as possible.

Most importantly, make sure to verify that you have provided a valid Ethereum address as invalid addresses will obviously not be accepted. Furthermore, if you wish to change your ETH address, just drop a comment on our bounty thread, containing the old and new addresses.

The distribution of the bounty tokens will not happen until FT is transferable, so all participants have enough time to verify their stakes and let us know if something is not right. After the distribution process begins, there will be no changes to the stakes or the bounty program in any way.