First Use of the Founder Tokens - Filling the Uniswap Pool

First use of the founders’ tokens – filling the Uniswap pool

The Fabric Tokens locked for the founders of the project were released on February 15th, this year – exactly one year after the TGE began. That being said, none of the advisors or founders of the project have sold any of their FT.

Responsible Use

We strongly believe in our enterprise and there are far better use cases for the team’s tokens than selling them at these low prices. One of these use cases is filling the Fabric Token Uniswap pool so TokenGen clients can purchase projects at a reasonable ETH price.

Today, we did exactly that. A total of 300,000 FT (100,000 provided by each of the founders) were added to the Uniswap pool, which will ensure that newcomers to TokenGen will have a viable option of paying for their projects in ETH.

The Importance of the FT Uniswap Pool

The last three TokenGen project were purchased with ETH so we think it was imperative that we ensure the Uniswap pool has enough tokens to handle future project purchases.

For those interested in joining the FT liquidity pool on Uniswap and earn commissions on trades, refer to this article.