The Final Week of the Fabric Token Crowdsale

The final week of the Fabric Token crowdsale

The finish line is in sight as the Fabric Token crowdsale enters its last week. We’ve been a bit less active in terms of “frontend” news over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a good reason for that – behind the curtains we’ve been working around the clock on the Fabric Token project. Here’s what we have in store for the last week of the crowdsale.

The Schedule

We have been working on this plan over the last couple of weeks and everything we have done in that period has been leading up to this final week. As we mentioned in a previous article, crowdsales tend to slow down in the middle part of their time frame, but towards the end, they tend to become more active again. Hence our focus on this final week.

TokenGen Live Demo

Most of our efforts since the Fabric Token crowdsale began have been focused on the development of TokenGen. We already showcased the tool in the beginning of February, but since then, we have made a remarkable number of improvements to both the UI and the backend (more on that in the TokenGen live demo article, which will be published sometime in the final week of the FT ICO).

We believe that the live demo will show our community just how committed we are to the project and that we do really have a working product ready to roll out not long after the crowdsale comes to an end on April 1st.

Maximum Contribution Cap Increase

Community members have repeatedly asked if we would consider allowing purchases of Fabric Tokens higher than the current 9 ETH cap and we have considered it. If you are also interested in purchasing more FT, you can expect an announcement in the last few days of the crowdsale – that is, if we decide to increase the maximum cap on contributions.

Exchange Listings

As you know, we have been hard at work on exchange listing since before the FT crowdsale even began. Hopefully, in this last week, we will be able to announce which exchange(s) will list the Fabric Token after the ICO is concluded.

Unfortunately, the process of listing a token is quite slow and unpredictable time-wise as most of the top exchanges are flooded with token and coin listing requests daily. The worst part is that we cannot share any news with our community until the exchange itself makes an announcement or we will lose our chances to get listed. You all know that we have been completely transparent since the start of this project and if we could say anything, we would. Unfortunately, we can’t for now.

The one thing we can say is that, we are well-aware that FT needs to be listed on a good exchange as the liquidity of the token is vital for the adoption and stability of the Fabric Token platform and you can be 100% certain that we are doing everything we can to get the job done.


The last week of the FT crowdsale is only our project’s beginning. We have a lot to do until the end of the year, but, once the ICO is concluded, we will focus entirely on developing the ecosystem that we have embarked on creating.

Close to 40 out of the 100 million total supply of Fabric Tokens have already been allocated. Let’s see how many more will find a good wallet to call home before the end of the crowdsale. As we have already said, the unsold tokens will be burned, thus preserving the value of everyone who purchased FT. Onwards and upwards.