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The Fabric Token Ecosystem

What is the Fabric Token ecosystem?

The FT ecosystem is a bundle of software, which will enable easier adoption and popularization of blockchain technology and smart contracts. By providing user-friendly interfaces and pre-defined smart contract components for specific use cases, the Fabric Token ecosystem will empower individuals of any background, technical or not, with the decentralized technology of the future.

What problem does the Fabric Token ecosystem solve?

The FT ecosystem solves an assortment of problems, most of which are mentioned on the homepage, however more extensively depicted in the White Paper. In short, since blockchain technology and smart contracts are not yet adopted on a larger scale and still mostly regarded as experimental, we propose the Fabric Token ecosystem, which will allow any individual or business to easily develop, test, and deploy their blockchain-based application (DApp).

What components does the FT ecosystem contain?

There are four main components – the Fabric Token itself, TokenGen, DApp Workbench, and the Fabric Store. The Fabric Token is simply a digital asset which will be used solely as a payment means within the products and services provided by the ecosystem. TokenGen is a web application allowing users to easily generate the smart contracts for their token and fundraiser without the inherent need for programming and computing knowledge.

DApp Workbench is going to allow businesses to model, implement, maintain, and improve their business processes by introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts into their organization’s operations thus eliminating problems such as trust, high costs of execution, and slow process times, among others.

The last component will be the Fabric Store, a decentralized marketplace which will allow third-party software engineers to develop smart contract components that complement our software in order to further expand the functionality scope of the Fabric Token ecosystem.

Where can I find the roadmap?

You can find the roadmap on the Overview page.

What will be the pricing for TokenGen?

TokenGen smart contracts will cost exactly 100 Fabric Tokens. For more info, please check the TokenGen FAQ page.

What will be the pricing model of DApp Workbench?

DApp Workbench will follow a subscription-based payment model with each plan tailored towards specific business needs based on different resources and features.

The Fabric Token

What do Fabric Tokens represent?

Fabric Tokens are intended to be used only as a utility to pay for products and services within the FT ecosystem. Owning Fabric Tokens does not provide one with additional rights of usage within the technologies it is used on. Furthermore, owning FT does not give any ownership right, share or any equity in our legal entity. These tokens are not meant to be used as a digital currency, security or any other kind of financial instrument but rather, as a simple digital asset similar to downloadable software.

Where can I use FT?

Fabric Tokens can be used to purchase products and services within the software provided by the FT ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to paying for token and fundraiser smart contracts generated by TokenGen, purchasing DApp Workbench subscription, etc.

When will FT be transferable?

You can find full info on the matter in section four of this article: https://fabrictoken.io/now-absolute-best-time-purchase-fabric-tokens/

How can I view Fabric Tokens in my wallet?

All you need to do is start watching the FT smart contract.

What wallet do I need in order to use FT?

Any wallet which is compatible with ERC20 tokens, a standard for tokens which FT follows, can be used to store and transfer Fabric Tokens.