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Fabric Token

The fuel for a platform with unlimited potential.



In TokenGen

Fabric Token's role in using the ultimate smart contract creator for the token economy.
Before gaining access to the smart contract code they have generated through TokenGen, users need to pay a fee in Fabric Tokens for both the basic project features and the more advanced templates they selected during the creation process.

In DApp Workbench

Fabric Token's role in using the business application platform for incorporating blockchain technology into BPM.
DApp Workbench, a subscription service tool offering different plans for the various needs of different businesses, will charge customers a monthly fee, payable only in Fabric Tokens.

In the Fabric Store

Fabric Token's role in using the first decentralized marketplace for smart contract components.
Fabric Store, a decentralized marketplace for smart contract components, will be integrated with Fabric Token in order to allow third-party developers to earn FT for their contributions to the development of the platform.


Fabric Token functions as the essential means of payment within the FT ecosystem. Without it, people will not be able to use the products and services within the platform. For more information, refer to its respective section in the White Paper.

FT Launch End

April 1st, 2018 at exactly 10:00:00 UTC.

Fabric Token Total Supply

43,593,614 FT.

FT Launch Price

0.000125 ETH per 1 FT or 1 ETH per 8,000 FT.

FT Transfers

Currently allowed.


FT's sole function is to be a means of payment within the Fabric Token ecosystem.

FT Smart Contract

You can find it here.