Fabric Token ICO Whitelist Update – Estimated Process Times & Requests for Updates

Fabric Token TGE whitelist update – estimated process times & requests for updates

A little less than a week has passed since we announced that our KYC whitelist was open to registrations and we are now happy to let the FT community know that we have finally caught up with the initial burst of submissions.

Estimated Process Times on New Submissions

Currently, all of the submissions on our whitelist have been processed except for the latest one hundred or so. According to the experience we gathered over the past week, new submissions can now expect to be processed in about 24 hours or less – 2 days at most for specific cases that require more work on our part.

The “Needs an Update” Status

Currently, a little over 200 submissions are in status “Needs an Update”, which means that we have sent each of these individuals an email with instructions on getting verified. The most common cause of being in this status is failure to upload the back of an identity card or driver’s license.

We want to ask every person registered in our whitelist to go ahead and check their current status here: https://fabrictoken.io/kyc-check/. If your status happens to be “Needs an Update”, you need to check your email for further instructions and provide us with the requested information if you want your submission to be verified.

Make sure to check spam/junk folders as sometimes the emails land there.

Whitelist Duration & Status Before and During the FT ICO

As the Fabric Token ICO closes in (a little over 10 days left), we will focus a lot of our efforts on processing new submissions in our whitelist so people can get updates on their status as soon as possible. We intend to leave the FT whitelist open until the end of the ICO just to make sure that the Fabric Token launch is fully successful.

A substantial amount of people have already registered in the FT whitelist considering our low ICO cap of $9 million USD, however, even though chances are that we will reach the hard cap very fast, we still want to leave the whitelist open to new submissions – just in case.


The most important note of this article is the fact that, people submitting their whitelist form need to be careful to provide front and back images of their ID card or driver’s license. This is by far the most common cause we reach out to people in order to get their registration verified as opposed to verifying them right away.

As for the rest, everything is going perfectly fine. Not long after we publish this article, we will be releasing the showcase article for TokenGen. The Fabric Token community has been asking about it for a while now, so we are happy to finally meet the demand.