Fabric Token ICO Participation Checklist

Fabric Token TGE participation checklist

With the Fabric Token ICO just about 10 hours away, we decided to put together a quick checklist for every member of the FT community interested in participating. We will also list some important details regarding the FT launch.

The Fabric Token ICO Participation Checklist

  • Are you whitelisted? If not, fill in the form on this page.
  • Have you passed KYC? Check your status here.
  • Are you familiar with our contribution and gas price limits? Find the announcement here.
  • You don’t know the Fabric Token smart contract address? It will only be shared on this page.
  • Do you know how to participate? Refer to this in-depth guide.
  • Not sure how much time you have until the ICO starts? Refer to this countdown timer. The countdown timer on our Token Sale page caches so it is not always accurate.

Important Details Regarding the ICO

  • Transactions prior to February 15th, 10:00:00 UTC will be rejected.
  • Contributions below the minimum or above the maximum limit will be rejected.
  • Participants will receive FT as soon as they send ETH to the smart contract address.
  • Transfers on FT will be frozen until the token is listed on a decent exchange. This is something that the community has requested and we decided it will be in the project’s best interest.
  • Recommended gas limit is 210,000 and the limit on gas price is 50 gwei.
  • If your KYC status is “Verified” you will be allowed to contribute ETH via the address you provided. Addresses that are not whitelisted will not be allowed to interact with the Fabric Token smart contract.
  • The FT smart contract address will only be shared on the official contribution page and nowhere else.
  • 1 ETH will buy you exactly 8,000 FT.
  • Be careful of scammers and phishing attacks. When in doubt, consider going on Telegram and asking for confirmation.


Since we announced the project at the end of December, 2017, interest in the Fabric Token has grown immensely. In the middle of January, we managed to raise a total of $787,500 in a private pre-sale and we also showcased TokenGen, the first component of the ecosystem, in the beginning of February.

Everything has been going according to plan and leading up to this moment of the Fabric Token ICO. Now, with about 10 hours left, we feel that everything that we had to do to make this event a rousing success has been done.

We want to thank the entire FT community for helping us shape the ICO and project in the best possible way through their honest feedback and suggestions. Once the ICO opens, we recommend purchasing FT as soon as possible, because the interest in the token seems to be huge and the cap is sitting at the very modest $9 million USD. Good luck to everyone!