Fabric Token ICO Individual Caps Gas Limit and Exchange Listings

Fabric Token ICO individual caps, gas limit & exchange listings

Since we have been getting a lot of questions about these three issues, we decided to write a blog post where anyone looking for this info can get answers. So, if you are interested in knowing whether there will be individual caps and a gas limit during the Fabric Token ICO or if you would like to know when FT will appear on exchanges, read below.

Individual Caps

There will most certainly be individual caps in our ICO. There’s way too much interest in the project and our hard cap is just $9 million USD, so we will definitely add limits. The exact numbers however, will be announced once we are a lot closer to the ICO: probably 3 – 5 days.

The reason for that is that we will be able to more accurately select minimum and maximum values for the individual caps, based on the number of people on our whitelist, the size of our community, and the overall growth of our whitelist per day, among other metrics.

Furthermore, tokens won’t be allocated to each individual specifically as the ICO will be on a first-come-first-served basis. We chose to do it this way because we didn’t want to overcomplicate things. We want to make participation in the ICO as simple as possible, with as near a level-playing field as possible. We will make sure to set the individual caps accordingly, which will allow everyone on our whitelist to get a piece of the pie.

Gas Limit

Gas wars has been coming up in our Telegram group over and over again over the past few days as a potential problem. All we can say about it at the moment is that we are well aware of the situation and a gas limit is under strong consideration.

We will announce whether there will be a gas limit and if so, how high it will be, right around the time we announce the exact values for the min and max individual caps.

Exchange Listings

The final and most popular concern in the Fabric Token community is, understandably, when the token will be listed on an exchange. As we have said numerous times in the Telegram chats, we have legal concerns talking about this publicly.

All we can say is that we are well aware of the fact that a token’s success is interconnected with it being listed on a decent exchange. Once we have some definitive news, we will let everyone know.


We hope that this article addresses the concerns of anyone who was wondering about individual caps, gas limit or exchange listings. We are trying to be as transparent as possible in the process leading up to our ICO and with everything related to the Fabric Token project, as we are not fans of the fake hype kind of news. When something is fully certain, we will announce the news to the community right away. Stay tuned!