Fabric Store & Fabric Flow - expanding the Fabric Token ecosystem

Fabric Store & Fabric Flow – expanding the Fabric Token ecosystem

TokenGen has been at the forefront of the Fabric Token ecosystem so far however, our vision for the platform has always included multiple software , coinciding together to provide a user-friendly blockchain development environment.

In this announcement we will talk about Fabric Flow (formerly DApp Workbench) and Fabric Store, as well as the development roadmap we have solidified for 2019.

Overall progress

Alongside the countless TokenGen updates we have introduced since May last year (17 to be exact), we have also been steadily progressing on Fabric Store and Fabric Flow.

At the same time, we have also been following the blockchain industry as a whole, in order to adapt our development process accordingly. Initially, we did not plan for TokenGen to be so frequently updated but once we recognized its potential, we shifted our focus towards the token crowdsale automation tool.

Behind the curtains, the rest of the focus went towards conceptualizing the technology stacks of Fabric Store and Fabric Flow, after which we began work on improving the backend and setting up the environment for integration between the tools.

More recently, as we progress towards the release of the rest of the tools in the Fabric Token platform, we decided to go ahead and assimilate the brand identity of the ecosystem i.e. colors, logo styles, common components, etc. This took quite some time and it is what we have been mainly doing since the start of this year.

It did push back the release of Fabric Store and Fabric Flow, but it will be well-worth it in the long run. What we are aiming for is creating an ecosystem of tools with interchangeable design and feel, similar to the Atlassian or Google ecosystems of products.

Once a user lands on any of the tools we are developing, they will know that it is a part of the Fabric Token platform. And the multiple updates since the start of the year to TokenGen’s UI and the official Fabric Token website are a result of exactly that.

Moving forward

For 2019, we have decided to fully focus on delivering Fabric Store. Why? Because it better suits the current condition of the blockchain industry. Businesses are still quite wary of using the tech, but development right now is booming, and that’s where Fabric Store will come in (more on that in a minute).

We are still working on Fabric Flow but as we are doing so, the technologies we are using for some components of the tool are also improving (or radically changing) and we have to regularly go back and slightly modify the architecture, which is another reason we are moving Fabric Flow further back into the development roadmap.

Fabric Store – a decentralized marketplace for blockchain tools and add-ons

I’m sure many of you know about Fabric Store from our White Paper, but here’s a little more detail on how exactly this decentralized marketplace will complement the Fabric Token platform.


Basically, Fabric Store will be similar to the Atlassian marketplace, in the sense that it will provide add-ons and tools that can be used throughout other software, such as TokenGen and Fabric Flow.

For example, let’s say that someone notices that there is no airdrop smart contract offered as an option on TokenGen. They go ahead and write the contract code and upload it to Fabric Store. From there, our team manually performs reviews on such tools and add-ons and allows the usage of verified ones throughout our proprietary software – for example TokenGen.

To continue our short story, the user in question uploads the airdrop smart contract to Fabric Store. We review it and find it a perfect fit for TokenGen. After approval, the option to purchase the airdrop contract will appear on TokenGen.

From there on, each purchase of the airdrop contract will credit Fabric Tokens to the user that created the add-on. Of course, people will also be able to purchase this airdrop contract directly from Fabric Store as well.

Any tools and add-ons that are relevant to blockchain will have a place on Fabric Store. In a nutshell, we want to encourage third-party developers to help grow the blockchain industry with tools and add-ons via a lucrative opportunity to earn Fabric Tokens for their work, while at the same time growing the FT platform by including some of the blockchain-based apps into our own tools.

While on the subject, we have already chosen the logo for Fabric Store:

Fabric Store logomark light bg

I am sure at this point you can see why we shifted our focus to release Fabric Store first. There are so many use cases for blockchain-based tech out there and right now, meeting this demand is a higher priority than the still-experimental integration of blockchain into BPM.

Release target

We have advanced a lot with Fabric Store over the past year and after a lengthy discussion, we decided that it would be good for production release in Q3 2019. However, we want to stretch that to Q4 2019 because there are always unpredictable features that come up as we develop these tools.

TokenGen has barely had any problems since we first released it and it is largely because of this type of leave-some-time-for-unpredictable-scenarios thinking that we have adopted.

Fabric Flow – the business application platform for incorporating BPM into blockchain

Anyone who has been following our project since the very start knows about DApp Workbench. We have recently decided to rename the tool to Fabric Flow since DApp Workbench doesn’t narrowly represent what the software will do.

As aforementioned, the situation with Fabric Flow is very volatile and our goal to deliver a stable tool at the forefront of blockchain technology is causing delays. While that may seem to some as negative, it is not really the case.

Our goal for the Fabric Token ecosystem has always been to deliver outstanding software in contrast to the countless vapourware projects out there. And if we have to delay a release in order to meet our own vision, then that’s what we will do.

As of now, we won’t be setting an exact release target for Fabric Flow since the focus has shifted towards the release of Fabric Store. However, development will not slow down and, just like with Fabric Store, a logo for Fabric Flow has already been selected:

Fabricflow logomark light bg 512x512

As blockchain-based tech matures, Fabric Flow will eventually come to a point where it will be up for release. Until then, we will continue our tireless work on the tool.


Both Fabric Store and Fabric Flow’s web pages are currently put under construction and we encourage anyone who wants to stay up-to-date with progress to join our mailing list and/or follow us on social media channels.

We are quite excited to finally bring another tool to the Fabric Token ecosystem since last year was somewhat monotonous with all news focused on TokenGen updates.

We also want to thank our outstanding community for being nothing but supportive, despite the fact that we have shifted substantially from the initial development roadmap of the project. It was necessary for the overall growth of the enterprise.