What we do

Blockchain technology has immense potential to be applied across numerous industries, but is complex and abstruse.

From a new model for fundraisers, to reforming supply chain management and transforming the identity and health industries, our products help people all over the world advance technology through the power of blockchain.

Our mission is to provide simple and innate user interfaces to help make blockchain development easier and more accessible.


Small and effective team

Strong focus on development

20K+ community members

Raised 2.6K ETH in TGE

Rapidly growing userbase

Flexible approach

Combined experience in all areas of business

Offices in Bulgaria and Estonia

Who we are

We are a band of college friends who caught wind of the potential of blockchain technology way back in 2009. Since then, we have been following the industry closely, while gaining experience as programmers, marketers and UX designers in some of the largest IT companies in Europe. Seeing the rise of Ethereum and armed with an exceptional idea, we set out to construct a bridge between blockchain and accessibility.

Now, 2 years later, we have calmly gone through the crypto bear market of 2018 and are running one of the most prominent blockchain infrastructure projects, tackling core industry problems.

Ideas for user inteface

Our leadership team

With more than 30 years of combined experience behind their backs, we have an accomplished team leading the way.
Doncho Karaivanov

Doncho Karaivanov

Co-Founder and Board Member
Marin Ivanov

Marin Ivanov

Co-Founder and Board Member
Nikolay Nikov

Nikolay Nikov

Co-Founder and Board Member

What we stand by

Our core values

The values a company stands by are always expressed in the products they make. These four, at the utmost fundamental level, represent who we are, what we do, and how we do it. They are reflected in the products we create, are expected of anyone we hire, and will remain an essential part of all our operations as we continue to grow.

Transparency in all operations

Build with elegance in mind

Pay attention to detail

Work and grow, together as a team

We love user interface

User interface is at the core of our business and simultaneously at the core of what’s holding back blockchain development. Building intuitive and functional user interface is a modern form of art, intricately combining user experience, customer feedback, and a never-ending pursuit of excellence.

Our products meet a growing demand for user-friendly blockchain interfaces, induced by the steady growth of an industry with potential unseen since the advent of the Internet.

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How we perform

Our work ethic

As a startup, our company culture evokes full commitment to business growth. We don’t really distinguish weekdays from weekends as of yet. Many people have placed trust in our project as evident from the Fabric Token crowdsale and we feel obliged not to let anyone down.

As we are building something we are immensely passionate about and firmly believe in, work doesn’t really feel like work. It feels more like a group of people working on something they deem cool.

Brief history

Equipped with a bright idea and a lot of experience behind our backs, we set out on a difficult mission to become an integral part of blockchain technology evolution.
Mar, 2017
Nikolay, Marin, and Doncho, former colleagues from Sofia University, begin conceptualizing the idea for the Fabric Token ecosystem.
Apr, 2017
We begin work on TokenGen.
Dec, 2017
We publicly announce the project and begin creating a community.
Jan, 2018
We raise $787,500 in a private pre-sale.
Apr, 2018
Our TGE ends with a little over 2.6K ETH total raised and we finalize the bounty program.
May, 2018
Fabric Token starts trading on IDEX and Cryptopia and crosses $550K+ daily volume as we release TokenGen 2.0.
Jun, 2018
We welcome our first TokenGen customer.
Jul, 2018
We hire our first employee to handle community management and administrative tasks.
Aug, 2018
We release a massive update to TokenGen with the tool's 3.0 version and we hire our first developer to help with the progression of Fabric Store.
Oct, 2018
We reach 50 TokenGen customers.
Dec, 2018
FT gets listed on Switcheo and we add the Landing Page feature to TokenGen, filling yet another missing part of the ICO automation puzzle.
Jan, 2019
We add the option to pay in ETH for TokenGen projects.
Feb, 2019
We partner up with Bounty0x to expand the ecosystem around TokenGen.
Mar, 2019
We use the first batch of founder tokens to fill the FT Uniswap pool and we create a consistent brand identity for the platform.
Apr, 2019
We announce the release of Fabric Store for the end of 2019 and detail TokenGen 5.0.
May, 2019
We introduce a KYC solution to TokenGen, making it fully compatible with modern ICOs and STOs.
June, 2019
We re-structure the TokenGen pricing model, making Basic projects free.
Sep, 2019
We split the TokenGen project and smart contract details views into separate tabs and improve the Manage Contract interface.