TokenGen KYC update

How to properly do KYC for your ICO or STO

A know-your-customer process is an integral part of every serious ICO or STO. We are proud to finally present the TokenGen KYC solution that will meet this notion. In a...
Comparing price predictions to reality

Comparing cryptocurrency price predictions to reality

The popularity of articles predicting cryptocurrency prices is quite unseemly, considering the overall success rate of the predictions and the basis from which they are derived. Said basis is usually...
Exchange listings are overrated

Exchange listings are overrated

Exchanges. Where would we be without them? Who would charge companies obscene fees for listings that systematically result in temporary spikes in trading volume before becoming utterly impractical? Though not...
Bad design is holding blockchain back

Bad design is holding blockchain back

Setting aside the bad rep slammed onto blockchain by cryptocurrencies and the speculation that drives the entirety of the digital asset commerce, the decentralized technology has another major problem as...
How to Run an ICO in a Matter of Minutes [TokenGen Tutorial]

How to run an ICO or STO in a matter of minutes

Surprisingly, the “matter of minutes” part is not a clickbait. Thanks to TokenGen, you can really run your own ICO in a matter of minutes and in this article, I...