Bad design is holding blockchain back

Bad design is holding blockchain back

Setting aside the bad rep slammed onto blockchain by cryptocurrencies and the speculation that drives the entirety of the digital asset commerce, the decentralized technology has another major problem as...
First Use of the Founder Tokens - Filling the Uniswap Pool

First use of the founders’ tokens – filling the Uniswap pool

The Fabric Tokens locked for the founders of the project were released on February 15th, this year – exactly one year after the TGE began. That being said, none of...
Announcing a Partnership with Bounty0x

Announcing a partnership with Bounty0x

We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with the Bounty0x project to further expand the ecosystem around TokenGen. About Bounty0x Bounty0x provides the most advanced user interface...
How to Run an ICO in a Matter of Minutes [TokenGen Tutorial]

How to run an ICO, STO, or IEO in a matter of minutes

Surprisingly, the “matter of minutes” part is not a clickbait. Thanks to TokenGen, you can really run your own ICO in a matter of minutes and in this article, I...