Bounty Program Tokens Distribution

Bounty program tokens distribution

Since FT is now transferable, we will begin the bounty tokens distribution process. Our bounty program consisted of 5 campaigns and in this announcement, we will set out the plan for distribution of the tokens for each campaign and the order in which they will be distributed.

The Plan

The distribution process will follow the below order:

  1. Translation campaign tokens.
  2. Blog/media campaign tokens.
  3. Signature campaign tokens.
  4. Twitter campaign tokens.
  5. Airdrop campaign tokens.

The address from which the tokens will be sent is the following: 0xe86af4363ca4bcaca39d00b433cfe268721c56f9

Once we begin distribution, which will start off tomorrow with the translation campaign, we will be announcing the progress on our official bounty program thread.

We will continue with the distribution order and, over the span of a couple of weeks, will distribute all 1 million of the bounty tokens. We want to urge all bounty participants to use the received FT wisely.

Last Chance

This is the last chance for all bounty program participants to double-check the ETH address that they have provided and verify that it is correct. If you have provided the wrong address and we send the tokens there, that will be your responsibility and your problem. So again, double-check everything and post any concerns on our bounty program thread.