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TokenGen 2.0 is now live: https://tokengen.io/


TokenGen Planned Updates & a Pinch of DApp Workbench

TokenGen Planned Updates, Dedicated Community Management, and a Pinch of DApp Workbench

Ever since the release of TokenGen 2.0 close to three weeks ago, we have not stopped working towards improving the tool as we have already released a 2.1 and a 2.2 version of the software. However, we wanted to update the FT community on what exactly we have planned for...
How to Create Smart Contracts for Your Token & Crowdsale in a Matter of Minutes - TokenGen In-Depth Tutorial

How to Create the Smart Contract for Your Token & Crowdsale in a Matter of Minutes – TokenGen In-Depth Tutorial

Blockchain is an emerging industry and new projects spring into existence almost on an hourly basis. However, the majority of them don’t even get to their ICO and even if they do, most of the the ICOs are a complete disaster. Furthermore, even projects with a relatively successful ICO tend...
Fabric Token will be Listed on Cryptopia [May 31st]

Fabric Token is Now Listed & Trading on Cryptopia

It is finally revealed – the first centralized exchange where FT will be listed. And its name is Cryptopia (John Cena reference). Let’s delve into the details. About Cryptopia Cryptopia is currently dancing around the top 60 exchanges range on CMC, with an average daily volume usually around $10 –...
New FT Community Members Welcome Aboard

New FT Community Members: Welcome Aboard

Welcome new member of the FT community. I am sure you have at least 10 questions on your mind regarding the Fabric Token project, the Fabric Token itself, TokenGen, etc. Don’t worry though as this article will answer all of that and more and it will do so in a...
Bounty Program Tokens Distribution

Bounty Program Tokens Distribution

Since FT is now transferable, we will begin the bounty tokens distribution process. Our bounty program consisted of 5 campaigns and in this announcement, we will set out the plan for distribution of the tokens for each campaign and the order in which they will be distributed. The Plan The...
ICOs & Marketing - The Essential Guide

ICOs & Marketing – The Essential Guide

Ever since the first token sale (dubbed an ICO) back in July, 2013, which was held by Mastercoin, this new type of fundraiser has become a fundamental part of the crypto industry. However, while back in the beginning of 2017 ICOs were successful almost always after being announced, even in...
FT will be Unlocked on May 20th

Fabric Token Unleashed [May, 20th]

After careful considerations and a vote from the community, we have decided to allow transfers on FT starting May, 20th. The time of the unfreeze will be exactly 10:00 A.M. UTC. After that, FT will be tradeable on IDEX. Unfreezing FT Ever since the end of the FT crowdsale, the...
Unleash the Fabric Token

Unleash the Fabric Token?

Over the past few weeks, the prevalent conversation in the official Fabric Token Telegram group has been almost all about whether or not we should keep transfers on FT locked. Naturally, there’s people on both sides of the argument so, in order to make the best decision possible, we have...
Our Vision for TokenGen 2

Our Vision for TokenGen 2.0

As most of you probably know, we had scheduled TokenGen 2.0’s release for the end of April, or the beginning of May this year, however we have decided to push this date to the end of May. As this is due soon, we wanted to share our vision for the...