Live demo of TokenGen: https://tokengen.io/


Bounty Program Final Stakes

FT Bounty Program Stakes Finalization

The stakes for the Fabric Token bounty program are now set for all of the campaigns. It took some doing (with the airdrop campaign in particular) due to the number of submissions, type of work, etc, but here we are. Stakes Finalization We encourage everyone who participated in the FT...
The FT Bounty Program - Final Stakes and Tokens Distribution

The FT Bounty Program – Final Stakes & Tokens Distribution

As the FT crowdsale ended, so did the Fabric Token bounty program. In this announcement, we will lay out the plan for distributing the 1 million FT allocated to the various bounty campaigns. Step 1. Update Stakes for All Campaigns First of all, we need to examine how the number of...
Fabric Token Crowdsale Summary

Fabric Token Crowdsale Summary

The Fabric Token crowdsale has finally come to an end. In this article, we are going to review the 45 days in which the ICO ran, starting from February 15th, 2018. The Result Including the pre-sale funds, we raised a total of 2617,45 ETH. Most of the activity took place in...
Why Now is the Perfect Time to Purchase Fabric Tokens

Why Now is the Absolute Best Time to Purchase Fabric Tokens

There’s a little over a day left before the Fabric Token crowdsale comes to an end and now is the absolute best time to purchase FT. Here’s why: 1. MVP Live Demo Just a few days ago we released a live demo version of the first component of the Fabric...
Want to Purchase More Fabric Tokens

Want to Purchase More Fabric Tokens? Here’s How!

If you are looking to purchase more than 9 ETH worth of Fabric Tokens, which is the current maximum cap on contributions, then you are in the right place. But first, a quick warning. Beware the Scammers Since a scammer’s main strategy is to directly DM community members and offer...
TokenGen Live Demo

TokenGen Live Demo

TokenGen, the ultimate smart contract creator for the token economy and the first component of the Fabric Token ecosystem, is now live and can be accessed at https://tokengen.io (the current video is just a placeholder until we are ready with the real one). The tool is still in demo mode, but...
The Final Week of the Fabric Token Crowdsale

The Final Week of the Fabric Token Crowdsale

The finish line is in sight as the Fabric Token crowdsale enters its last week. We’ve been a bit less active in terms of “frontend” news over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a good reason for that – behind the curtains we’ve been working around the clock on...
FT is Now Listed on the IDEX Market

FT is Now Listed on the IDEX Market

We want to announce that FT is now officially listed on the IDEX exchange – https://idex.market/eth/ft. Here is the official announcement: $FT by @fabric_token added to #IDEX https://t.co/B8YS41xA4G — Aurora (IDEX) (@Aurora_dao) March 1, 2018 Keep in mind that Fabric Tokens are still not transferable so don’t try to place...
Addressing The Entire Fabric Token Community

Addressing the Fabric Token Community

With this blog post, we want to update the entire FT community on a few things, mainly the ICO and the project’s current state. I shared a short statement in our Telegram group yesterday, and it resonated with many of our community members, so I decided to turn it into...