Exchange listings are overrated
Exchanges. Where would we be without them? Who would charge companies obscene fees for listings that systematically result in temporary spikes in trading volume before becoming utterly impractical? Though not all exchanges follow this scenario, it appears that the digital...

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Announcing TokenGen 5.0 - KYC and animations

Announcing TokenGen 5.0 – KYC and animations

We will be releasing one last major update to TokenGen before the release of Fabric Store later this year. The...
Fabric Store & Fabric Flow - expanding the Fabric Token ecosystem

Fabric Store & Fabric Flow – expanding the Fabric Token ecosystem

TokenGen has been at the forefront of the Fabric Token ecosystem so far however, our vision for the platform has...
TokenGen 4.5 - further improvements to the UI

TokenGen 4.5 – further improvements to the UI

The new Fabric Token ecosystem brand identity resulted in big changes to the TokenGen UI, which were released in the...
TokenGen 4.4 - New Brand Identity

TokenGen 4.4 – New brand identity

As you know, the Fabric Token platform consists of three main components – TokenGen, DApp Workbench, and Fabric Store. Until...

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TokenGen 4.3 - Bounty0x Integration & Multiple Content and UI Improvements

TokenGen 4.3 – Bounty0x integration & multiple content and UI improvements

The new TokenGen 4.3 comes with the addition of a bounty program solution as well as multiple improvements to the...

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The blockchain scene is unwelcoming and abstruse. We write comprehensive tutorials on the matter to show people how to leverage the power of blockchain, the right way.

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TokenGen 4.2 - New Pricing Page & Improved Project Management Interface

TokenGen 4.2 – new pricing page & improved Project Management interface

Yesterday, we released a small update to TokenGen that included a complete re-working of the Pricing page and several improvements to the Project Management interface. Here’s everything in a bit more detail. The New Pricing Page The previous TokenGen Pricing...
TokenGen 4.1 - Improved UI, ETH Payments, and KYC Implementation

TokenGen 4.1 – improved UI, ETH payments, and KYC implementation

As we announced in a recent tweet, we are preparing a new update to TokenGen. The 4.1 version of the tool will include some very exciting features, including the option to pay in ETH for projects, improved user interface, and...