Announcing TokenGen 5.0 - KYC and animations

Announcing TokenGen 5.0 – KYC and animations

We will be releasing one last major update to TokenGen before the release of Fabric Store later this year. The 5.0 version of the most advanced ICO, STO, and IEO automation tool will include a KYC solution and improvements to the UI, mainly in the face of animations.

New features

We have been working on a KYC solution for a while now and it will be the main feature of this upcoming update.


The Civic platform is going to be integrated into TokenGen in order to allow crowdsale participants to go through a verification process all quality modern TGEs require. The integration will be manifested into a control panel where project creators will manage KYC entries and a get whitelisted sub-process on their project’s landing pages.

TokenGen KYC Civic integration

The KYC control panel will be integrated to work with TokenGen’s Whitelistable Fundraiser feature. That way, users will be able to whitelist/blacklist entries into the whitelist smart contract with the click of a button. More info on what users will need to do will be provided in an upcoming TokenGen KYC guide.


We are going to enliven TokenGen 5.0 with animations that will wake the tool from its current visual movement sleep. Key elements will draw more attention by showing up later and transitioning into the page in some way or another.

This will not only make the tool’s UI even more interactive, but should also increase conversion rates. The update will also include miscellaneous improvements to the user interface. For example the Projects Directory will move to icon buttons instead of plain text links:

TokenGen new Projects Directory

This will allow us to add more details for each project listed there, so that interested parties can, more quickly, grasp the essence of each enterprise.

Modern UIs feel alive and make it much easier for the user to interact with them by intrinsically guiding them and that’s what we are aiming to achieve with the 5.0 update to the TokenGen user interface.


As mentioned in the beginning of the article, this will be the last major update to TokenGen this year as we fully focus on Fabric Store and its upcoming release. A KYC feature was the final thing missing from the leading token crowdsale automation tool and, after the 5.0 update, TokenGen will cover all requirements of modern ICOs, STOs, and IEOs.