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TokenGen 3.6 is now live:
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TokenGen 3.6 is now live:

Announcing a Partnership with Kind Ads

We are very happy to announce that we will be partnering up with Kind Ads, a decentralized advertising platform geared towards user-friendly ads.

The Partnership Terms

Programmatically, the partnership will be implemented within TokenGen, as an additional feature and will include the following:

  • 50% discount on campaigns run on the Kind Ads platform for the first 10 projects created using the aforementioned feature.
  • 25% discount (up to $10,000 USD) for all subsequent projects created with the Kind Ads advertising feature.

Marketing is an integral part of the success of every blockchain-based startup and we want TokenGen users to get the full deal all in one place – from the creation and management of their TGE smart contracts, to initial funding, and now also, to the marketing of their project.


We are going to begin work on the programmatic implementation of the partnership as soon as we, along with Kind Ads, decide exactly how the integration between TokenGen and the Kind Ads platform will manifest.

Once that is clear, it shouldn’t take too long before we push an update to TokenGen that will include the new Kind Ads marketing feature in the create project process. As always, once we have definitive news on the matter, we will update the FT community accordingly. Stay tuned!

3 Responses
  1. it seems a good coin and if the partnership with kinds ads goes ahead they will be some real value added to it so i do wonder why there is no volume .i find that strange with an active dev. can you explain what the future looks like or should i think of selling my coins at the next opportunity ?

    1. Hey,

      Real value and volume generation backed by actual use of the token is, contrary to popular belief, a slow process. What we are after is not fake hype and speculative pricing around our FT, but a token backed by real value and use cases. Thus, feel free to do with your tokens as you please.


    2. Stephen

      This coin only pumps when the market pumps, but damn does it pump. This translates to me as being real growth, not a soon to be dump. I consider myself lucky to be part of the low volume. I’d be happy to buy your coins aswell. Isn’t the key to XXXXXX’S getting in before when BINANCE?!

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