Announcing a Partnership with InoCoin

Announcing a partnership with InoCoin

Since the very inception of the Fabric Token project, our mission has been to empower people by breaking the boundaries between them and the crypto world. Boundaries such as the high programming expertise requirement, the business networking requirement that poses an additional burden, especially to people in developing countries, as well as the ridiculously high financial barrier of entry.

It has been less than a month since our first official product launch, and we have already significantly alleviated the development expertise and cost hurdle for our clients, and our internal research shows that TokenGen covers all of the features required to create more than two thirds of all ICOs to this date. Yet we’re just getting started.

In our pursuit to give our community the whole package, we felt that, in addition to constantly improving our software, we should also provide assistance with project financing and business networking as well. Thus, the Fabric Token team is very happy to announce a partnership with InoCoin, a Bulgaria-based crypto investment platform.

What is InoCoin

InoCoin is a crypto investment platform that is focused on innovative blockchain-based projects. Initial funding is probably the biggest adversary of the success of early-stage startups and having a pre-sale rarely goes as intended.

This is where our partnership with InoCoin comes in. New projects that represent great ideas and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, will have the elusive chance to get an initial funding and skyrocket the chance for success of their project.

The Partnership

The way we are going to implement this partnership is, for now, via TokenGen and Fabric Token project collaborations. In the instance of TokenGen, a new “additional features” step will be added to the token creation process, where users will be allowed to select a partnership feature (among other features we are planning on adding to the tool).

This partnership feature will give projects created using TokenGen, a chance to be funded by the InoCoin investment platform. The exact details on how all of this will work will be announced in the following couple of weeks as we work alongside the InoCoin team to implement the aforementioned feature into TokenGen. So stay tuned!