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The Fabric Token platform exposes the potential of blockchain through user-friendly interfaces.


At Some Point, We Have To Face Reality

After 3 years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, we are deeply saddened to announce that we have decided to put an end to the Fabric Token project. While this announcement will most likely disappoint you, we ask that you read through it first and hear us out, before jumping to conclusions.

Problems worth solving

The Fabric Token ecosystem is focused on solving imperative blockchain industry problems.

Lack of intuitive UI

Blockchain tech is unwelcoming and the lack of user-friendly interfaces is holding back the growth of the industry.

High development costs

Smart contract development is currently unnecessarily expensive with simple smart contracts costing around $7,000.

Low use cases coverage

There are so many applications for smart contracts and yet, most use cases are not met by a well-established smart contract component.

Lack of reusability

Use cases are often repeated e.g., airdrop contracts, specific extensions to crowdsale contracts, etc, but still people hire expensive smart contract developers to meet their demands.

Ineffective BPM

The current landscape of business process management is flawed on many levels e.g., lack of trust, unnecessary long process times, among many other problems.

Lack of BPM flexibility

ERP systems tend to be very rigid and expensive to adjust to the ever-changing requirements of businesses, which further complicates BPM.

Tools for the blockchain era

Intuitive user interfaces, making blockchain development more accessible.
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Create, manage, and automate the entire process of an ICO or STO.

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Fabric Store

A decentralized marketplace for blockchain tools and add-ons.

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Fabric Flow

The business platform for incorporating blockchain into BPM.

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