December 25, 2018
TokenGen 4.0 - TGE Landing Page & the Public Projects Directory

TokenGen 4.0 – TGE Landing Page and the Public Projects directory

The long-awaited TokenGen 4.0 update is finally here and it brings yet another massive improvement to the most sophisticated smart contract creator on the market. Without further ado, here’s what’s...
How to Participate in a TokenGen Project ICO

How to participate in a TokenGen project’s ICO

Participating in a TokenGen project’s ICO was so far conducted the usual way – you receive the address of the fundraiser contract and then you use some sort of Ethereum...
How to Create a Landing Page for Your TGE [TokenGen Tutorial]

How to create a landing page for your TGE [TokenGen tutorial]

The new TokenGen 4.0 update brings one of the best features the tool has yet to offer – a token crowdsale participation page available to every project. In this article,...